Because misbehaving plugins and widgets shouldn’t get in the way of you creating the business—and lifestyle—of your dreams.

What I do is about so much more than transforming your brilliant ideas into a rock-solid digital platform. I karate chop your overwhelm and keep the Tylenol from coming out of the cupboard. (So the only thing you’ll be whipping out of there is wine when it’s time to celebrate your big launch!)
Ready to get techie with it? Here are 3 ways I can be of amazing service:

(DIY Training and Support)

(Membership Setup and Integration)

(Site Development and Integration)

(DIY Assistance and Support)
Here’s you right now:

Admirably ambitious. Trudging through tech slush. Slipping on your sweat, because you’ve poured all you’ve GOT into making your membership site work. Constantly close to tears (or tantrums that closely resemble your 2-year-old’s) while you’re trying to figure out what’s responsible for making your entire landing page look wonky.

You jumped into this project headfirst…and now you’re hell-bent on figuring it out.

Maybe you’re boot-strappin’ it. (No judgment. I’ve been there.)

Maybe you keep your business close to your heart, because you know what you want better than anyone else.

Or maybe you’re simply proud you’ve come this farand giving up isn’t an option.

There’s just one little problem: You’ve hit a digital wall.

And you can stay stuck…

Or you can find a web wing girl to see you through (which I just happen to be).

I respect where you’re at, because like you, I’m a DIYer at heart. I built my business on a $0 budget and rarely reached out for support. I had a wild dream, just not the tools or resources to make it a reality. And like you, I wanted to feel in control of my work.

But part of the reason I’ve made it this far is because I received support from other generous entrepreneurs who, like me, cared about seeing others succeed. And now I want to do the same for you.

What I can Offer you:

On-demand guidance and troubleshooting, tech tweaks, expert fixes and adjustments to take your from DIY paralysis to “I’ve got this” self-reliance. It’s a quick ‘n’ dirty service, priced to fit exactly what you need (no more, no less)—so you can stop being tech-whipped by your website and start OWNING it.

How I do it:

Skype or phone call, screen sharing, and sometimes karaoke. (Yes, I take requests.)

Let’s create a game plan to get you launched!

Snag a spot for your free 30 minute consult today, or if you’ve still got Qs, pounce into my inbox.

(Membership Setup and Integration)
Already have the knockout course content and website, but missing the (slightly crucial) membership part?:

Then let’s team up like brown and blue to be the perfect (launch) combination!

When you’ve got content that needs protecting or integrations that just aren’t…integrating…I’ve got you. I make a wildly witty sidekick and know how to get every part of your membership site singing in pitch-perfect harmony.

Go ahead. Hang your stress up at my digital door.

Here’s how the fun goes down:

Full configuration of your membership plugin—I’ll work my magic behind the scenes to configure your plugin, setup membership levels, integrate each level with the right mailing list, and ensure each course membership page has the proper membership access and restrictions.

Integration with shopping cart and mailing list provider—For speedy, secure payment and headache-free list integration.

Configuration of page redirect—Because you don’t want your students to get lost in site holes, do ya?

Content lockdown (read: membership security)—So your genius is impenetrable for anyone who doesn’t have the login information to access it.

Testing of site (including shopping cart and mailing list)—Knowing you’re ready to rock when doors open means you’ll have time to get in some quality time with that page-turning novel before bed. Or watch Bridesmaids for the 28th time.

Unlimited email support—Technology meltdowns, last minute Qs or you-saved-my-tush admissions? I’m all ears.

Investment starts at $750

*Please note: I always do a full review of your current setup before starting the integration process. Should any impromptu troubleshooting be required to get your site in shape before I swoop in, I’ll create a detailed report of what changes will have to be completed first by you (or by me, for an additional cost).

(Site Development and Integration)
Be honest:
You have ZERO time for taming technology, going on a Google research frenzy (OverlayOptimizer what now?) or watching webinars that steal time away from what’s most important to you: Your clients.
Setting up a membership site? Not really in your wheelhouse.
You have no interest in stalling the unveiling of your content until you “figure it out” or fumble your way through it. You want to go big and do it right the first time. And you’re more than ready to pass it off, so you can start seeing the ripples from your impact flow faster (not to mention, your revenue).
Because when it comes to building your biz, you know that some things are better left in the hands of a pro.
With me at your side, those pre-launch jitters will be a total no show. I take the tech and stress off your hands, so you can focus on the work you actually love.
What you dance away with:

Complete course setup (8 pages max, *excluding registration and login pages)—Includes Members Welcome Page, Module Pages, Lesson Pages, and customization of Registration and Login pages. So when it’s go time, all you’ll have to do is open your Paypal account and watch the moola flood in.Full configuration of your membership plugin—Sit back and let me take care of the techie work that makes your content look so dang good.

Integration with shopping cart and mailing list provider—For a seamless payment process and hassle-free list segmentation.

Protection of course content—So you can keep your goods securely locked down and off limits to hackers (or anyone who didn’t dole out the dough for it).

Testing of site (including shopping cart and mailing list)—Because the last thing you want to be worry about the night before doors open is headaches and glitches. On my watch, you’ll actually get to catch some Zzzzs before you launch.

Unlimited email support—For any unexpected problems that pop up, quick Qs or bursts of praise. It’s all good in my books.

Investment starts at $4500

*Need more than the 8 page limit? No worries. Additional pages can be added on for $350 each. Want less than 8 pages? Let me quote you to whip you up something custom. Because hey, I’m flexible like that.


****Booking for September 2015****

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