I help entrepreneurs create e-courses and membership sites that work...

and empower them to repeat the process without confusion,
frustrations or complete breakdowns.

When you work with me, you are guaranteed satisfaction, success, and even a little bit of tech magic.

You may be a wee bit (or a lot bit) tech-challenged, or perhaps you've just reach the limit of your tech patience.  I’m here to lend a helping hand, wave a magic wand, and bridge the knowledge gap that will get you from stuck to launched.

Because misbehaving plugins and widgets shouldn’t get in the way of you creating the business—and lifestyle—of your dreams.

Let me take you from;

Stuck to launched,
Glitches to riches,
Frustrated to liberated.

Before you hurl your computer across the room or talk your cat’s ear off about the devil that is technology.

(Because Whiskers clearly sympathizes.)
  • I first crossed paths with OptimizePress in 2013 when I was hired to seek out the best possible membership plugin for a membership site project.  OptimizePress was chosen, and I was hired to develop the site.  I had never worked with OptimizePress before so I had to buckle down and get to learn it inside out quickly, and did just that.

    I hasn't always been a love story between OP and I, but over the past years, I've come to know it better than most.

    Fast forward to today and there isn't much I have been able to accomplish with an OptimizePress site.  I've been called to develop membership and online course sites, I've designed landing and sales pages of all shapes and sizes, I've integrated OP with numerous applications, and I've troubleshooted some of the most head scratching issues you can imagine.  And I can proudly say that I've yet to be stumped by OP!

    So if you are finding yourself in need of some OP related help, you've come to the right place!  Some have been known to call me the OP Whisperer or the OP Ninja, I'm good with Geneviève or Gen if it's easier for your to pronounce.  What ever your need may be, if it has to do with OP, I'm your person!
    Geneviève OP Specialist

Because your time is too precious to spend it googling the web for answers

Learn How To Use OptimizePress Effectively

Optimize Your Course Training Program

New to OptimizePress?  Want to learn how to use OptimizePress to setup your online course or membership site?  Want some digital hand holding to get your over those tech hiccups?  Look no further!

With Optimize Your Course, I've got your covered!

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Not looking for a DIY solution?  No problem, here are some non-DIY choices for you to choose from!


It's not uncommon to have a misbehaving site...it really doesn't take much to set everything off. A wrong email address, a misplaced comma, a missing bracket...all of which can send you into a total meltdown, panic attack or complete stall on your site build.

Usually, when your problem is clear, I can sort you out in a jiffy. These types of issues would include but not be restricted to;
- not receiving emails when testing sales page or registration page,
- sales page not redirect to or from PayPal,
- a rogue redirect,
- tweaking an element,
- adding some quick CSS
- a page design issue...

However, sometimes the problem is a little less obvious, and that's ok too. I'm always up for that kind of challenge, it keeps me on my toes and makes things fun (I'm an OP tech nerd, remember!).

Either way, I'm eager to get you unstuck. Your site may be misbehaving but that doesn't have to translate to major overwhelm and frustration. If it has anything to do with OP, I'm 99% sure I can get it back up and running for you in no time. I'm that good. "Bold", you may be thinking...but it's true. I thrive on meeting your tech challenges head on and troubleshooting the aches away. Why? Because this is my idea of fun!

I would encourage you to fill out this form with as much detail as possible. As soon as it lands in my inbox, I can reach out to you and we can get started!

Membership Site Setup

Whether you are a DIY (do it yourself'er) or DFY (done for you'er), If you are here, you've reach your OP limit.  Regardless of whether you simply don't have the time or whether it's just a little too techy for you, I'm here to unburden you.  When I set up your membership, I get it done quickly and properly...so you can sit back and relax and launch your course or membership site with confidence and pride.

Get started today!  All I need is a little information about your awesome project and I will get back to you ASAP.

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One to One Training

My aim is to empower you to use OP confidently to build your online course or membership site and many more in the future.  In this one-on-one training, I take you behind the scenes of my own OP setups (I've got a few) and show you exactly what you need to know to build your own site.  I leave nothing out!  And to make sure you are well-equipped once our call is over, I give you full access to the video recording of our session.

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Let's Get You Launched In 2019!

Not Sure What You Need?  Looking for a "done for you" solution?

Wanna chat?  I get it - setting up an online course or membership site can be very overwhelming.  Sometimes it's difficult to even know where to begin.  In this free 15 minute call, we will look at where you are at in your course or membership site setup and what you need to move forward, whether it be on your own or with my help!  Collaboration is fun! Let me help you get started right!

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