Using Vimeo and video player…

I was inspired this week by all the video embedding that I’ve been doing on the site.

While previewing my video pages, I notice that the quality of the videos was mediocre at best. And I was baffled..

For one, I had gone through the settings and made sure that all videos were defaulted to play at their highest quality. The were all been recorded in high def. and been edited by a professional video editor. (I was terrified to “break them”)

So I panicked because there was no way I could use these at this poor quality, the graininess made it impossible for me to even read the words on the screen.

So here is how I fixed this issue…

Two things had to be done.
#1 – in you video settings, under EMBED, scroll down and check where it says: Miscellaneous – Default this video to HD when embedded
#2 – if the video still doesn’t play in HD, while the video is playing, click on the actual HD letters to the bottom right of the video screen!


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