There is a difference between using the BUTTON element and the MEMBERSHIP ORDER BUTTON element and you need to understand the difference.

If you want to benefit from the integration/membership capabilities of OptimizePress and OptimizeMember, you need to use the MEMBERSHIP ORDER BUTTON for the magic to happen.

Here’s why – when you use the MEMBERSHIP ORDER BUTTON, you are linking your PayPal transaction to your membership level (which is also linked to a specific list in your email marketing service), to your mailing list (as mentioned) and to your user database.

When you use the BUTTON element, you are simply linking to the a URL (which could be a paypal button created in paypal but will not be integrated to your membership levels and mailing list). make the magic of integration and automation happen, use the MEMBERSHIP ORDER BUTTON on your sale’s page..and when someone purchases a spot of your course, once they complete the transaction successfully, the system will send them an email with the registration information. Once they register, they will be added as a new member and sent membership info, AND they will be emailed a confirmation email to subscribe to your list.

Use the BUTTON element and you will have to do all of this manually!


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