We have to do the best we can.
This is our sacred human responsibility.

- Albert Einstein

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
- Maya Angelou

I recently launched my course (about writing your course) and I don't think I would have survived without Genevieve.  I was having tech issues the night before the launch, because that ALWAYS happens, and she literally stayed online with me for 3 hours.  On a Saturday night.  She helped me troubleshoot, she logged in and poked around, she fixed everything.  She was freaking amazing! Moral of the story: if you're creating a course you need to talk to Genevieve about helping you protect it.  I can't calculate the time and energy (and emotional drain) I could have saved if I would have just asked her to do it for me right the first time.

- Dayna House, Chief Instructional Strategist at Dayna House Designs

Even if you are not daunted by technology, there are times when you need support from someone that goes beyond understanding technology, but cares and supports you in seeing your project through to fruition. Genevieve really understands your wider mission and helps you work technology to get you there.

- Camalo Gaskin, Founder at birthtobirth.com

Genevieve has been one of the best support systems I’ve had with building sales pages and membership sites. Her expertise in OptimizePress has been incredible. She’s even answered questions that the OP support weren’t able to help me with. Her video tutorials were easy to follow and saved me many headaches. Her programs are by far the best value. To top it off she has a big heart and really cares about your business being successful. Did I already say she’s incredible?

- Melissa Kougle Zoske, Energy & Wealth Alignment Expert at melissazoske.com

“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”
- C.C. Jung

Thank you again for your instructional videos on OptimizePress. You provide all the right information in a way that's so clear and well presented. What a relief! And your responsiveness when we had questions meant that we never lacked for answers – you are a gem to work with.

For the past several years, we had a custom membership site that was expensive and poorly executed by a pro. Plus, because we didn’t do it ourselves, we had no ability to change anything so we were stuck with a clunky outdated system that cost a LOT. Yuck!

Still, I avoided building a new site because I dreaded learning a new program. But when I couldn’t wait any longer, I held my breath and dived into your materials. What a pleasure! Your videos are easy to understand, absolutely thorough, and I feel like you are sitting by my side the whole time. To my surprise, the process has been easy and the site looks amazing. I wish we hadn’t waited so long.

- Susan Tenney, Professional Pet and Pony Patter at Elemental Acupressure

Your stuff is super helpful - way better than what OptimizePress puts out on it's own hub.

- Kevin Haslam, CEO & Founder at Eleven twenty-four Productions, LLC

Genevieve is the best! She is very responsive and really knows her stuff. I went through two other people who couldn't figure out my problem before she swooped in and saved the day. I highly recommend her!

- Johanna Lyman, Mentor - Coach

Thank you for sharing what you know so generously Genevieve Mari!  Much gratitude.  My office assistant was literally beaming after she implemented the changes you suggested and realized how much easier things are going to be with OptimizePress.  I was a beautiful thing to see.

- Brodie Welch, L.AC., M.S.O.M, Life In Balance Acupuncture

Geneviève is the real deal!  I just watched her in action during an OP setup webinar training and it was sooooo valuable.  Thanks for your generosity and sharing your techy wisdom so simply.

- Rebecca Berggren, Mindful Marketing Strategist at Simplee Online

Need someone who: Teaches thoroughly but doesn’t overload you? Speaks in plain language (with no techno-speak)? Makes complex tasks easy? Really listens to your questions? And helps you find just the right answers? Then you need Genevieve Mari, OptimizePress Specialist Extraordinaire!

- Patricia Durgin, Christian Message Coach

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”
- Les Brown

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