There’s nothing I hate more than to be limited by a theme. I can’t tell you how often I’ve had to work on a client site that only “allowed” one or two menus. Between you and I, that’s just a nuisance.

In this week’s Tuesday’s OP Tech Tip, I dive in and show you how to create multiple menus on your site and how you can customize the label and bring in customize links to your menu.

Most sites have a general menu that sits either above or below the header/banner image. This menu will usually contain all the main pages within a site.

Some bloggers enjoy having the capability of using a secondary menu on their blog page, one that might contain links to pages other than what the main menu would have. Often times, this menu would be customized by category (as opposed to pages). Nevertheless, having that flexibility is worthwhile and important to many.

Moreover, individuals who also wish to host an e-course or membership section within their main biz site would also potentially benefit from the ability to create a menu for that section only.

OptimizePress allows you to use as many menus needed, in as many locations on your site that requires one!

Although many of you most likely already know how to create a basic menu, please bare with me as I recap this quickly before moving forward.

Watch this quick little training video to get you started on your way to multiple menus!


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