Multiple Courses on one OptimizePress

Did you know that you can go beyond the default number of membership levels in OptimizeMember (10 levels) to set up multiple courses on just one OptimizePress site?

And did you know that by combining these levels with packages, you can further define the user experience while effectively safeguarding your content?

Wait, what?  More than 10 levels??

You read that correctly!!  You can actually grow your site to unlimited heights with this incredibly powerful feature.  

Wanna know more?  Keep reading!

Get Techy With Me

The techy way to increase the number of membership levels is to add a line of code to your /wp-config.php file.  By default, the value set is 10, but you can increase it to a maximum value of 100 or to a minimum value of 1.

However, if you feel completely overwhelmed by the idea of getting into the file manager of your site database and adding code to your /wp-config.php file, you can keep your 10 levels and instead, customize the accessibility of each level by adding Custom Capability Packages.

Stay with me on this…I know how confusing the whole membership levels and/or packages topic can get but I’m here to shed some light on how you can use either or both to offer a completely customized access to your site.

One thing that is really important to understand about levels is that levels work incrementally.  

What this means is that if you assign your content under level 3, only users with level 3 and above (3-10 or more) will be able to access the content.  Members with a level 2 would not.  However, members with a level 2 access, would be able to access content under level 2 and below, so levels 1 and 2 only, while members with a level 10 access would be able to access levels 1 through 10.  Make sense?

It is imperative that you keep this in mind when you are using levels to set up multiple courses because you don’t want to inadvertently open up access to content that should be restricted!

So why use membership levels (as opposed to packages) to set up multiple courses?

The benefit of using unique levels for each course on your site is that it enables you to also assign a unique mailing list for each level.  You cannot assign your mailing lists to packages, only levels, so it’s a better option to use levels (over packages) when creating multiple courses on one site (unless you don’t use mailing lists).

So how do we “protect” content when using levels when levels work in an incremental fashion?  There a few ways, but the most simple (trust me) is to combine each level with a package.

Here’s where the Custom Capabilities Packages come in.  Although this is often a little confusing, learning to use these in conjunction with membership levels will enable you to create unlimited customized access to your site.

Here’s how this works.

Let’s imagine that you have a site that holds 10 different courses.  You’ve set each course to its own unique level.  So course #1 is set to Level #1, course #2 is set to level #2 and so on.  As it is now, users with a level 10 access, for example, would be able to access the content housed on levels 1 through 10.  Not good!  

Using Levels for Multiple Courses


Using Custom Capabilities Packages

Using the Custom Capabilitreferredkages feature (or what is refered to as Packages), you would simply need to create 1 package per course….so Package 1 for Course 1, Package 2 for Course 2, Package 3 for Course 3, and so on…(you can do all of this in OptimizeMember under Define Membership Levels and Packages).

Setting up packages
The next step would be to add these package restrictions on all of your course pages.

So for instance, if Page B pertains to Level 2 content, which is protected under a level 2 membership, you would simply add a checkmark to the Package 2 option box found within the membership settings on Page B.  By doing so, you are ensuring that only users with both a level 2 membership access AND a package 2 in their user profile have access to this content.  All other level members (1 through to 10), including level 2 members (those without the Package 2) would not be able to access the content of this page.

Restricting access using package course 1

Restricting access using package course 2


Genius, right?

Now you are probably wondering how in the world do you make sure a user gets that proper package in his or her profile…right?

Do not fret my friends, do not fret!  Do you think I would leave you hanging without showing you how to do this??

It’s Simple!  

Customizing Checkout

All you need to do is add that Custom Capabilities Package to the payment button or form and when a user makes a purchase, that information will be added to his or her profile.

Packages at checkout

Wasn’t that simple?

I hope this has shed some light on how you can use OptimizePress to host multiple courses (and membership site portals) on one site.  It obviously requires a bit more organization and planning, but it’s completely possible to get it running smoothly if you set it up as I suggest.

I would love to hear back from you, so please make sure to write a comment in the box below.  Your feedback is always welcomed, as well as your questions!

Happy course building!


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