Using Multiple Login Welcome Pages With OptimizePress

If you are using OptimizeMember for your membership site or online course, then you already know that you must have a default login welcome page in place.  The welcome page is the first page your users will land on after they log in. It’s an important part of the membership set up and OptimizeMember “requires” it. But did you know you can have multiple login welcome pages for your membership site or online course?

In my last post, I showed you how you could use membership levels and packages to create a multiple course platform.  Now let’s look at how you can provide your users with unique login welcome pages based on their level of membership (ie: a unique welcome page per course).

Creating Your Login Welcome Pages

By default, OptimizeMember has just one login welcome page. (Of course, this is a page of your choice that you select via the drop down menu shown below.)

Default Login Welcome Pages Menu


But you can easily override this by using “replacement codes”.  

Replacement codes enable you to redirect your users to different pages based on the criteria specified in the replacement code when they log in.

Here are some examples;

Login Welcome Pages Replacement Codes

Sound a little bit too techy?  Stay with me, it’s easier than it looks.

Creating A Special Redirection URL

The easiest way for you to do this is to create an override (special redirection URL) based on users membership levels.  What I mean by this is that, upon login, OP will redirect the user to a specific page based on that user’s membership level.

The override with replacement code would look something like this:



Let me break down this URL string for you so that it looks less scary! => this is your site URL
members- => Your Welcome Page (per user level)
%%current_user_level%% => The user level of the user who just logged in

Now this string could also be;


Therefore, you would need to create as many welcome pages as you have levels, making sure to customize the content of each page to the needs to each level.

Your Login Welcome Page Permalink Structure

In order for the override to work successfully, you will need to ensure to have the right permalink structure for each login welcome page.

Have a look;

Using the following override URL:

Your Login Welcome Page permalink structure would be:, 5, 6, 7…)

Using the following override URL:

Your Login Welcome Page permalink structure would be: (2, 3, 4, 5…)

Using the following override URL:

Your Login Welcome Page permalink structure would be: (2, 3, 4, 5…)

So for a site with 10 different courses, you would need to have 10 different login welcome pages.  They can all be identical, or be completely unique, what matters here is that you are providing a customized experience to your users based on their level of membership.

Things to keep in mind when using multiple login welcome pages is to also provide a unique menu for each welcome page.  Obviously, this is optional but, when you are hosting multiple courses on one site, I would assume that you would want to have a menu set up for each course. (More on menus in a future post.)

Using The Special Redirection URL

So now that you’ve created all of your welcome pages, as well as your override (special redirection) URL, you will need to set this URL in your OptimizeMember settings.

Go to OptimizeMember > General Options > Members Home Page/Login Welcome Page and paste the URL in the box at the bottom.  Make sure that you leave blank (or leave it at “select”) the Members Home Page/Login Welcome Page drop down box.

Setting Special Redirection URL
Simple, right??

Testing, Testing, and Testing Again

I highly recommend that you test your settings to make sure that everything is working as it should. Simply create a test user for each level and go through the process of login in with each test user.  

You may need to ensure that the override (special redirection) URL matches EXACTLY that of your main site domain.  Simply look at how your site appears in the address bar of your browser and copy what you see.  Some will have, some will have

See how easy that was??

Now that you have all the information required to set up multiple login welcome pages on your site, I would love to hear if this is something that is useful to you and whether or not you intend to implement it. As always, I welcome your feedback and questions so be sure to use the comment box below!

And if you haven’t already done so, make sure to join the fun in my free OptimizePress support group by clicking here.

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