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My aim is to empower you with the knowledge to DIY your online course or membership site with confidence.  Whether you prefer one-on-one training or a self-study program, I've got you covered so that you can start building your site today!

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My favorite thing about Geneviève (and there are many) is that she will not stop working on a project until everything is as it should be. She’s knowledgable, dedicated and really down to earth. Geneviève has a knack for explaining complicated technical issues in plain language that even non-techies can understand. A true asset on any project.

Dayna House

You have a gift of teaching that maximizes the speed to implementation and depth of understanding not usually found in most training courses. Your insight into building a membership site is greater than X's and O's. It's not raw data, or dry instruction you're passing along. You feel the process and synthesize it into your easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow training.

Mike Coday


Learn how to create, prepare, and organize the content that you need to have in place for a stress-free online course and membership site setup!

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Who Am I & Why Me?

Hi, I’m Geneviève! Digital Learning Strategist and OptimizePress Ninja. But word on the street is I’m also a Multi-techer, Web Wing Woman and Total Lifesaver. (And that’s straight from the mouths of my rockstar clients, too.)

I throw my heart and soul into empowering others through education, because I believe in the amazing ripple effects of sharing knowledge.

Which is why there’s nothing I love more than helping my clients reach—and teach—more people. (Even when that means getting on the phone with you 3 hours before you launch to squash those pesky digital bugs.)