Why do so many people equate “DIY” with low-budget?

Does choosing to “DIY” necessarily mean you are doing so because you can’t afford to hire? (I have a case study coming up all about how one entrepreneur who could afford to hire out, chose to DIY and turn her site into a 6-figure earning program).

Sure, in some cases, “DIY” is all about saving money…and who doesn’t want to save money, right?  But what if I told you it could also be all about being courageous, determined, and even a little badass.  Doesn’t that sound better?

Ok so you are probably thinking, “you’re right Gen, but some people don’t have a choice to DIY.  They are starting off and don’t have the budget to hire out.  If they could, perhaps they would rather hire out.”  – I get that!

But here’s the thing, there are many reasons to hire out – plenty in fact, but “fear” should never be one of them!

There are so many advantages to DIY …

First of all, you get to learn from your mistakes…’cause you will make many!!!  But I can almost guarantee that you will come out bolder and stronger, and much more able to handle your own tech.

Second, you will become independent, and that my friend, is worth gold!  Sure, you may never become a tech encyclopedia or a troubleshooting ninja, but will absolutely be able to “know” and be “aware” of what is happening with your site and not be taken advantage of if and when you do reach out for help.

Third, you will be adding a new skill set to your entrepreneurial toolkit.  It doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time, but it’s nice to know you can when you want to!

Fourth, you will become your own expert!  Which means that if and when you do choose to “hire” out, it will be to save you time, not because you are scared to DIY

And lastly, you will save money, which is always an added benefit to DIYing your tech setup.


So what’s holding you back?
Stressed businesswoman in the officeCould it be that all the googling you’ve done has led to more confusion?

Could it be that all the searching for help in facebook groups has led to bits and pieces of incomplete “how-tos”?

Could it be that you’ve entered your name and email address in more opt-ins than you can count, only to be left with fluff in your inbox?

Yes, I could see why all of this would make you squeamish at the thought of DIYing.

So here’s what I think is critical with anything DIY….proper training.  And I know some of you are probably rolling your pretty eyes and thinking, here comes the pitch…I know, I do it too.

But pitch or not, it’s the truth.  

I started off DIYing EVERYTHING, because I was on a $0 budget (even less if I’m being honest) and felt I didn’t have a choice.  So I know what it’s like out there for you, searching for answers on google, and in FB groups, YouTube videos, and so on…I walked through that jungle.

Which is why I decided to create “real” and affordable training with the #1 goal of supporting you throughout your journey…not lining my pocket with your hard-earned cash.

Teaching tech in plain English has become my biggest purpose and it’s what I’m great at!

There’s no reason why it should ever have to be so complicated.

So if you are working on creating an online course (or membership site), and you are feeling completely tangled in the tech, let me ease your tech woes with this short and easy to implement training that I created for those dipping their toes in course building.

It’s absolutely and completely affordable – $47 (right??) and it won’t take you hours to get through it…’cause who’se got that time to spare!!!

Just clickity click on this very link and you can find out more about it!

If you’ve been dabbling in the tech, and considering DIYing your online course or membership site, or even just your landing page or sales page…I want to hear from you.

Where are you stuck, how are you finding the process, what’s been difficult??

Just leave your comment below and share your thoughts with me!

Have a great day!


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