Did you know that you can set a delay to elements in your OptimizePress pages?

The delay function in OptimizePress allows you to delay a feature box, opt-in form, call-to-action button or any other element from showing up on the page for a set amount of time (after the page is loaded).  When it does “appear”, it fades in gradually.

Here’s how to add a delay to an element!

When you want to setup a delay timer on any of those elements, simply setup the element, then “click” on the “gear” icon at the top right corner of your element.

Element Settings


Setting the “fade-in” delay

Once that box opens up, scroll to the bottom and look for the “delayed fade-in” box and enter the number of seconds you would like as a delay before the element fades in.

Delayed fade-in

Simple, Right?

 This is a great little tool and can add to the user experience of your site.
For example, you want to make a call-to-action available but only after a video is watched.  One way to do this is to set your video to auto-play and to use the length of your video as the delay time (in seconds).

Another fun design hack would be to use this with images.  Designers, photographers, and anyone that uses images as the predominant focus of their site could use this function to delay the appearance of each image on a page, adding a bit of movement and life to the page.

There are an unlimited number of ways in which this feature can be utilised; from delayed Headlines and text boxes to opt-in boxes and images, all that you need is a little creativity and voila!

Have fun with this little design hack!


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