Hi, I'm Geneviève Mari

Instructional Designer, Online Learning Specialist & founder of optimizeyourcourse.com

I'm a professional trouble-taker.  As in, I take all of your OP problems and make them disappear. A slayer of tech aches and conveyor of calm vibes...people have thrown around words like guru, expert, wizard, genius, goddess to describe me - but you can call me Gen (cause Geneviève isn't always easy to say).

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs (like you) build an online course or membership site that they love and that works, using OptimizePress.

Let's make all of your OP troubles go away! Really!


I don't teach you "just" the basics, that's not my style.  Instead, I show you everything you need to know to DIY your site setup as a hired expert would.  Why?  Because I aim to give you complete tech-independence, not keep you dependent on me.

I give away tons of free information.  Why? Because I want to help you reach your goals, not keep tripping over obstacles.  Therefore, the information I make available to you is always as good, if not better, than what others charge for.

I know there are many experts out there and it can sometimes get very confusing. It's important for me to earn your trust.
Here's a little bit about me, just in case you were wondering.

I started "teaching" as an undergraduate student at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada.  I worked as a tutor for primary and high school kids and worked with them not only to understand their academic material but to establish successful study habits and routines.  When I continued my studies as a graduate student, I continued to do this but with undergraduate students.  Helping others shed light on the "complicated" and make clear how all the moving parts come to work  together has always been something I strive to do.

I'm addicted to learning.  I've earned degrees in IT, Applied Sciences, and Social Anthropology (B.A. + M.A.), and I'm sure there's more to come in my future.  I am a huge proponent of education, in all it's forms, and the online world has made it easier for all of use to keep learning and/or to keep teaching.

I throw my heart and soul into empowering others through education, because I believe in the amazing ripple effects of sharing knowledge.  Which is why there’s nothing I love more than helping my clients reach—and teach—more people. (Even when that means getting on the phone with you 3 hours before you launch to squash those pesky digital bugs.)

You have the potential to be the spark that ignites a business...inspires a healthier way of living...nurtures a creative gift...or carves a path to self-discovery.

So what about my street creds..cause those matter too, right?

My 1st Computer Program

Technology kind of leapt into my lap when I entered the world of web development in 1996. Picture this: Boring accounting class, lots of time to ogle cute techie-boy. One thing led to another. And by 1998, I became fluent in HTML, taught myself how to build (slightly cheesy) websites, and even earned a degree in microcomputer programming.

I loved being a figure-outer. A fixer. A soothing balm for tech woes. But while I forged through the ever-changing IT industry, there was something still missing at my corporate desk job: Heart.

I didn’t feel fired up or inspired. I was craving connection. And that’s when I began collaborating with an inspiring instructional designer who (re)kindled my passion for teaching.  She made me see how I could use my web wizardry to empower other big-hearted entrepreneurs to make their mark and spread their gifts. My secret weapon? OptimizePress.

It was my career turning point, and the first time I really owned my zone of genius: Building e-learning launchpads for the dreams of entrepreneurial folk like me.

Right now, you've got a lot going for you...

Brilliant course idea? Check.
Practically edible content—it’s just that delectably good? Check.
Ambition and high hopes coming out the wazoo? Check.

You’ve got your next big thing locked ‘n’ loaded. (High five!) Not to mention, a deep-down desire to unleash your knowledge into the online sphere, so you can start making a dent in the lives of everyone who is waiting to be heart-smacked by your super rare gifts.

And you know what they say: If you’ve got it, launch it.

Which would be sound advice if you had ANY idea how to create a digital learning experience worth clamouring on top of roofs to shout about.

I get it!

Course site setup is no joke. Even the most ambitious DIYers can get lost in tutorial translation. And for some, there’s no time to wade through webinars on how to embed a video on a landing page in between client jam sessions, creative outpourings and sleep. Because sleep is good.

But this is where I leap in to lend a helping hand (or hand-holding, if you’re ready for some serious support).

My ultimate goal is to make it easy for you, to translate the tech into plain old english, to simplify your DIY - because I honestly believe that...IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE COMPLICATED!

The way I see it, you don’t have the headspace (or time) for getting tangled in tech issues, wrestling with your website or navigating steep learning curves.

You have better things to be doing. Like throwing your bolts of brilliance across the Interwebs and focusing your brainpower on helping the people who really need your products and services. (Or watching Blake and Adam duel it out on The Voice?)

I’m here for hands-on support, hand-holding and handstands. (The perks of being a CrossFit junkie.) And I want to see you doing what you love, while I take care of the A-Z (or P-Z if you’re a DIYer) that makes that possible.

No more grrrrs that lead to launch paralysis. No more forehead-smacking frustrations and delays. No more all-nighters panicking about peeved customers backing out of a buy because of a glitchy sign-up form.

With me in your corner, when you’re ready to make your online presence known—like John Cusack with a boombox raised style—you won’t be losing sleep over that broken shopping cart that’s giving you the digital finger...or that email field that JUST. WON’T. WORK.


I’m a Canadian girl to the bone, born in Montréal and perfectly trilingual in French, English and OptimizePress.
My home away from home is Glasgow, Scotland, where I spent a year touring (read: pub crawling). And learning to play the bagpipes. (But that stays between you and I.)
I went to high school with a NHL player, Stephane Yelle, who played for the Colorado Avalanche, the Calgary Flames, the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes.
I love studying people.  My background is actually in social and cultural anthropology (not to be confused with archeology).  I get to add M.A to the end of my name but I don't often do.
I’ve always got my heart in a book. And not the digital kind, no way.  I love the smell of books and love the feel of the pages between my fingers.  (And am currently getting my Celtic fix with the Outlander series, again!.)
I love spending my spare time watching reruns of Gilmore GirlsFriends and The X-Files on Netflix.
I am terrified of fish...as in hysterical screaming and tears.
I’m blessed with two amazing kiddos and two rather aloof fur babies. Did you guess cats? Ding-ding-ding.

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