I am blessed to have the opportunity to meet so many interesting entrepreneurs in my business.  It’s probably one of the things I’ve come to love most; discovering new people to love, follow and learn from. (You read that right…I love learning from my the people that follow me and hire me.)

Some months ago, I was approached by one of my favourite entrepreneurs.  Let’s call her B for now. (Let’s see if you can guess who I am talking about before the end of this post!)  She is a brilliant entrepreneur, who is filled with sass and wit, has multiple online courses and membership sites, and is killing it online.  But she is also a beautiful momma who has the most generous of heart and gentlest of souls.  I am lucky to call her friend!

One day, she approached me about her new project, which she wanted to set up on a new domain using OptimizePress.  Her previous products had been set up and were being held together by “duck tape and prayers” and she wanted to shift gears a little. (I just gave you a big glaring clue here…)

She didn’t know much about OP but knew that it was my thing so she picked my brains.  When she decided to go ahead and use it for her program, she came to me for training and with this training, built her program all by herself, in a manner of days, not weeks!  That program generated over $130K in sales. 

Could she have hired me to design and build that site, absolutely…

Would she have recuperated the cost of hiring an expert? Many times over…

But see here’s the thing about training with me, you don’t have to hire an expert because you literally become one!

If there’s something I despise in this industry is the way some experts keep you dependent on them by teaching you just enough to get you started, but not carry you all the way through.

So I design all my trainings with the goal of making you as self-sufficient as possible. 

Client B applied all the tips and tricks she learned in my training and built an incredible learning portal for her students.  She completely DIYed her online course set up and made over $130K!

Now it has to be said that her content was gold…and her launch strategy brilliant, but how far would she have gotten with a broken site and the inability to sell her genius?

So to those who say that DIYing your course site set up is only for those on a budget, or those who are amateurs, or those who are looking to make pocket-change, I say, think again!

If you are selling online courses or membership sites, there is nothing more intelligent for you to do then to gain an understanding of the basics of what it takes to set up your site properly.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to always DIY…but you are certainly better off having this knowledge in your back pocket when things “break down”.

This is even more so when you do decide to hire an expert to build your online course or membership site.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can sit back and relax…I’ve had to fix my share of broken OP sites, built by supposed experts and can say wholeheartedly that the money spent by those entrepreneurs to hire said experts could have been better spent on other things like marketing.  Because when you have to hire me to fix an OP site built by an expert, that’s like throwing money in the garbage really.

Client B could have hired an expert to build her site, but then she would have been dependent on that expert…instead, she chose to learn how to DIY it and became her own expert.  

(Can you guess who this client is yet??  If you guessed the lovely Bushra Azhar, you guess right!!)

Everything I taught her is everything I teach you in Optimize Your Course, my self-study program on using OptimizePress to build, launch and grow your online business.

What’s holding you back from generating that $130k in sales?


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